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Demolition Past Projects- California National Guard

California National Guard

MEC, Inc. was contracted to perform demolition services for the California National Guard at Camp Roberts. Over 450 WWII barracks were demolished in order to clear the way for new military facilities. This was one of the largest demolition projects for the National Guard.

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Video: Camp Roberts WWII Barracks Demolished


Surprises Unearthed at Camp Roberts as Demolition Continues

May 30, 2013 
The Tribune News

The discovery: an original cast-iron El Camino Real bell, more than a century old. Within the same week, crews unearthed another surprising discovery — an old film canister containing a 1952 film reel for the Walt Disney production “Two Gun Goofy.” This film reel was found in the footprint of an administration building that was torn down in recent months. It was likely kept in a wooden safe the camp once stored in floor cutouts, said Blaize Uva, a contract archaeologist at the National Guard base just north of San Miguel. Read more here:

El Camino Real Bell
El Camino Real Bell - Found at Camp Roberts during demolition.

Lost Disney Film
Lost Disney Film - Found at Camp Roberts during demolition.