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Fernell Lens

U.S. Park Commission:

MEC, Inc. was contracted by the U.S. Park Commission to perform historical site restoration. Lead paint was removed and MEC, Inc. replaced the paint while keeping the historical integrity of the light house on Devil's Island on Lake Superior at the Apostle Island State Park. The work involved protecting a priceless "Fernell Lens" that was used to project the light many miles away with an oil lamp. The island had no running water or utilities of any kind. MEC workers had to take all equipment to the island including water purifiers, generators, blasting equipment, etc. The workers actually lived on the island during the work and only left occasionally on weekends to go back to the mainland of Wisconsin. All work was completed on time and to the complete satisfaction of the U.S. Park Commission.


Fort Point - California Fort Point

Fort Point - San Fransisco, California

MEC, Inc. removed lead-based paint from Fort Point, located directly under the Golden Gate Bridge.


Marion Davies Beach House - By Randolph Hurst

MEC, Inc. performed lead and asbestos abatement for the City of Santa Monica on the Marion Davies Beach House build by William Randolph Hurst on Santa Monica Beach in California.


Marion Davies Beach House Hurst House
Marion Beach House