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Asbestos Abatement Past Projects- Edwards Airforce Base
Space Shuttle Boeing 747 Air Force Hangar

Edwards Air Force Base:

Asbestos abatement performed by MEC, Inc. at the Space Shuttle lift station at Edwards Air Force Base, California. The system is a crane that is used to mount the Space Shuttle onto a Boeing 747 for transport back to Cape Canaveral, Florida for re-launch. The project consisted of extensive asbestos removal from piping associated with the structure. The customer, NASA, enforced strict performance requirements regarding safety and security in a very sensitive environment.

Rocket Launch Rocket Launch Pad

Vandenberg Air Force Base:

MEC, Inc. permormed asbestos abatement inside of a satellite-launching missle at Vandenberg Air Force base in California. The rocket was actually on the launch pad during the abatement project where our crew worked from platforms near the top of the rocket. Security, Safety and work specification were very stringent and the job was carried out exactly as planned. The missile was launched a few days later.