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Industrial Cleaning Services
Water-Blast Truck
MEC, Inc. owns and operates their own industial cleaning equipment - Water Blasting Truck
Pressure Washing
MEC, Inc. employee power washing a 1,000,000 gallon tank.
Power Washing Tower
MEC, Inc. performed an industrial cleaning project of power washing this tower.

Cleaning heavy machinery in a factory environment can be very challenging, particularly when the debris consists of grease, oil and dirt accumulated over many years of use. MEC, Inc. is highly experienced in industrial cleaning from small manufacturing equipment to an entire factory. We own and operate cleaning equipment that includes processes such as high-pressure steam, and 40,000 PSI ultra-high pressure water blasting. MEC, Inc. can also handle all types of wastes including hazardous wastes. Where necessary, we can provide our 40-hour Hazmat trained employees as MEC is a licensed Hazardous Waste transporter.


Ultra High-Pressure Washing

MEC, Inc. has over 20 years of experience in providing industrial cleaning services for a wide range of customers. We own and operate all necessary equipment to provide timely and thorough cleaning of tanks, industrial machinery, waste pits, etc. Using Ultra-High pressure water blasting equipment, we are capable of producing water pressure up to 40,000 lbs. for the toughest cleaning project.

Whether your need is to clean a 500 gallon hazardous waste tank or a 3,000,000 gallon tank, MEC, Inc. can complete the job in a professional, thorough and timely manner. MEC personnel are OSHA trained for confined space entry procedures, lockout / tag out and have experience working with hazardous waste materials. We continuously stock all necessary personal protective equipment and monitoring devices to ensure OSHA compliance for any project.

Being a full turn-key company, MEC, Inc. can clean any equipment, tank or vessel regardless of contamination, hazardous or non-hazardous. We can obtain waste profile approval, manifest, transport and dispose of all wastes.

Our Services Include:

  • High-pressure hot water washing
  • Ultra-High pressure water blasting
  • Hazardous materials sampling & analysis
  • Waste profiling & proper transportation and disposal
  • DOT Licensed Hazardous Waste transporter
  • Hazmat trained personnel for hazardous waste cleaning