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Mercury Clean-Up
Emergency Mercury Spill
MEC, Inc. responds to an emergency mercury spill in a school.
Vapor Mercury Abatement
MEC, Inc. performed mercury abatement in an Ohio school building. A fire in the building caused stored mercury to vaporize, contaminating the entire school.

MEC, Inc. employs experienced staff and the latest technology to detect and abate mercury contamination with over 2 decades of experience in responding to emergency spills throughout the United States. MEC, Inc. owns "state-of-the-art" detection equipment for mercury decontamination.

MEC, Inc. can provide the following mercury related services:

  • Mercury detection and confirmation
  • Mercury control and abatement
  • Disposal of materials contaminated by mercury
  • Decontamination of released mercury vapor

See our Mercury Past Projects Page for more information.