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Airfield Line Striping and Rubber Removal
Runway Striping Removal Runway Rubber Build up Runway Striping Removal

Every time a heavy aircraft lands on a runway, rubber from the tires is deposited on the concrete surface. Once the rubber build-up hinders the traction of aircraft tires during takeoff and landings, the rubber must be removed. In addition to rubber build-up, line striping on runways and taxiways deteriorate over time and need to be changed.

MEC, Inc. has been providing airfield line-stripe removal, rubber removal and line stripe painting since 1998. Over the years, we have removed hundreds of miles of airfield markings and rubber build-up from some of the nation's largest airports. MEC has developed its own system of stripe removal utilizing a mechanical grinding process that incorporates immediate vacuum recovery of all paint and dust. MEC also owns and operates our own 40,000 lb. water-blasting unit with vacuum recovery leaving the treated pavement clean and free of any debris.

Our Services Include:

  • Paint stripe removal from runways, taxiways and tarmacs
  • Airfield stripe replacement
  • Built up rubber removal from runways
  • Hazmat trained personnel for lead or cadmium based paint removal
  • Waste characterization, transportation and proper disposal of all wastes