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Solving Difficult Environmental Problems is Our Strength

Environmental Remediation/Restoration/Demolition

MEC, Environmental Incorporated has been providing cost-effective, high-quality environmental services to customers around the country since 1983. We have successfully completed tens of thousands of environmental remediation projects in a variety of settings. While the majority of MEC’s work is performed on military bases, our list of customers also includes universities, as well as many other state and federal government agencies.  MEC takes pride in its experienced workforce and its ability to provide site-specific project documentation and training.  MEC has the experience and expertise to handle any type of demolition project involving selective demolition to complete structural demolition, backfilling, and grading. Any unexpected environmental issues that become evident during demolition can seriously delay operations. MEC has the experience and ability to address such issues on the spot, which can significantly reduce delays and downtime.   If you have an operation that is closing, moving, or undergoing renovation, MEC can help identify hazardous or regulated materials that may be impacted. We can provide a detailed site analysis including waste sampling, profiling, segregation, and proper disposal of any type of waste.  In addition to asbestos or lead building materials, MEC can handle all other types of waste including E-waste, PCB’s, petroleum contaminants, paints and solvents and many other types of lesser known hazards.

If you have asbestos-containing flooring materials and need to have them removed, let MEC provide a quote. We have removed literally millions of square feet of asbestos-containing floor tiles, sheet flooring, and related mastics throughout the country. Our experienced workforce, along with our specialized equipment, allows us to handle flooring removal projects at extremely competitive prices.

MEC also specializes in complete water restoration services, including the removal of interior water resulting from broken pipes, water line overflows, or even bad weather. Water is often seen as less damaging than other destructive forces such as fire or wind, but it can cause a great deal of destruction, even in a relatively short period of time. Prompt water extraction services are a necessity given the permeable nature of many typical building materials. MEC is ready to quickly assess the situation and remove water and excess moisture, minimizing the damage to your property.

The cornerstone of our success at MEC is customer satisfaction. We realize that every customer’s needs are different. No matter what environmental issue you may have, MEC can provide viable, cost-effective solutions.

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